Thursday, September 15, 2011

Made to Measure Toga Red Evening Dress

This is to follow up with the previous post. The final art work is so pretty, it is made of 4 layers, 2 layers of soft chiffon, follow by red soft satin, then another layer of soft satin lining. This beautiful dress is to be worn by a bride in another 2 weeks time in Mandarin Oriental Hotel :)

The mannequin is too big for this dress that the  zip could not go up : )

Friday, September 9, 2011

Something about made to measure...

What is Made to Measure?
A ready-to-wear dress is designed to fit the average brides.  A made-to-measure wedding gown is a more personal purchase. It is custom-made according to the customer’s precise measurements, in a fabric and with tailoring details chosen by the customer, but based on a designer’s existing model – a unique adaptation, if you will.

Who buys Made-to-Measure?Many brides don’t need custom treatment because of their size or shape. With a few slight alterations, ready-to-wear dresses would fit them well. What appeals to these brides is the vastly wider range of fabrics available and the chance to customize details they can’t find in ready-to-wear. The result is a dress that can be considered a true expression of a bride’s individuality. And a made-to-measure gown will cost about 20-30% more than the same dress maker's existing collection, 20-30% more to enjoy the satisfaction of personalization.

The Process
Come in and try the dresses and find out what silhouette & design suits you the most. Talk to us about your preferences, budget etc. Do talk to us more so that we know you better to come out with design that best fit into you :) Our designer will then come out with design base on your liking, this is then presented to you in the next scheduled appointment. Decisions on types of fabrics, how heavy the bead works is etc to be made before finalizing the cost.
50% of the Made to Measure price will be collected upon confirmation. Measurement to be taken in our shop. ( different sets of measurements is necessary for different design )
Production of dresses usually takes approximately 8 week ( Do spare more time for better quality of work ). The balance of the payment to be made on first fitting. We would advice you to make your dresses at least 3 months before your wedding day.

This is an example of one of the Made-to Measure evening dress specially designed for our elegant & beautiful doctor :)
Let's look forward the final artwork!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I am not white. I am champaign.

I am not white, I am a little towards champaign, but I do look good on most of the people. :)
This wedding dress is made of light champaign satin, with sweet-heart neck line, flower & leaves embroidery applique on bodice. There is an attached rhinestone satin belt too. 
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Or come to try her on ^_^

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hunny Bunny

Photgrapher : Eugene Kok ( )

Vows nWhite 大日子, rental services.

Besides made to measure, Vows nwhite does offer rental services too.
Rental price is stated on the hang tag :)
Just refer to the "Hire me" column...
Upon confirmation of the rental, we collect 50% ( non refundable )of rental fees from you. Confirm the date of collection, we will then block the calendar for you. Rental fees above inclusive of cleaning charges and one time alteration (if necessary). Balance of 50% rental fees to be collected on dress collection day, on top of that you will have to pay another amount (which is same as the rental fees) as security deposit. Security deposit is a refundable deposit upon return of the dresses in it's original condition ( a little dirty which is cleanable is acceptable, but no engine oil (lol...), tear etc) ^_*
You are allowed to take the dresses with you for 5 days. In any case which you need to keep the dress longer than that, it is negotiable by case basis.

Rental of Vows nwhite WEDDING DRESS
RM 500 - RM800
Rental of Vows nwhite EVENING DRESS
RM 300 - RM600
Rental of Vows nwhite Qipao/Cheongsam
RM600 - RM700

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Knowing your wedding dress train

Trains add formality and a touch of majesty to a wedding. Brides look (and feel) almost regal as they flow past with their ornamental train trailing behind them. The train also helps to further differentiate your gown from the bridesmaids’ dresses. Trains make a dramatic accent to your dress, especially when you can take portraits with it swirled around you on the floor.

So if you think you might want to try a train, then what kind? Most brides don’t know that there are actually many kinds of trains.


Also called the “brush,” this train is less than a foot and a half long, barely dusting the ground. The sweep train has become very popular in the 21st century, and is a good choice for minimalist brides who want the benefits of a train without all the fuss of managing one. Brush trains are also suitable trains for a more casual wedding.


The court train is the same length as a sweep train, but this type of train extends from the waistline rather than the hemline of the dress. This dramatically alters the silhouette of the bride, so make sure to look at yourself in a court train from the side to see if you like what you see.


A panel train isn’t part of the dress, but rather a separate panel of fabric about a foot wide that trails behind the dress. Usually detachable, panel trains can be made into any length desired. Some brides who buy their dress and later decide they want a train can have a professional create a customized panel train for them.


Worn from the shoulders and draping down to the bottom hem of the dress, the Watteau train dramatically alters a bride’s silhouette and can lend an almost Grecian feel to the dress. This unconventional choice is a good alternative to a veil for brides who don’t want to cover up their hairstyle but still have the look of a long, flowing veil. Bridesmaids’ dresses with Watteau trains are also very pretty.


Chapel trains are probably the most popular and most traditional choice for brides. They extend between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 feet from the waist. Chapel length trains have the dramatic appearance of a train without becoming unwieldy, and can be either detached or made into a bustle for the reception afterward.


Cathedral trains are chapel trains taken to the extreme. They extend between 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet from the waist. They are of course, more formal than the chapel length and look best with a cathedral length veil to match. Be sure to try several on before making the final decision – they can be difficult to manage!


Extending 12+ feet from the waist, monarch trains are definitely the most opulent and rich-looking option. They usually require at least two dedicated “helpers” to lift and guide the train behind the bride. Though a rarely-seen and difficult length, the monarch train is definitely the one fit for royalty.

Monarch train is gaining its popularity among local brides because they have always been fancied being a princess. But do bear in mind, it could most of the times be not practical, and not appropriate for many local wedding venues.